Buoyancy Aids & Life Jackets - Safety in style this Summer

Stay safe in style on board this Summer with self-inflating adult lifejacket's, children's life Jackets, and watersports buoyancy aids.

Crewsaver Response 50N Buoyancy Aid Front View
from £29.95
Save: £5.05 (14%)
Yak Kallista 50N Buoyancy Aid
from £41.95
Save: £6.05 (13%)
Crewsaver Crewfit 165N Sport Life Jackets
from £74.95
Save: £15.05 (17%)

Boat Refrigeration - Keep the food and drinks chilled

Staying cool in the Summer is always one of our many objectives. Making sure food stays fresh and the bubbly is chilled is also up there! With our range of 12 volt Boat Fridges, you can install a compact fridge or freezer onto your boat with ease.

Isotherm Cruise 42 Refrigerator
This product is not currently available
Dometic Waeco Coolmatic CRX-50 Refrigerator
Save: £236.45 (28%)
Dometic Coolmatic CRX-65 Refrigerator
Save: £178.05 (18%)
Dometic Coolmatic CRX-80 Refrigerator
Save: £216.05 (20%)
Dometic CoolFreeze CF-11 Refrigerator
Save: £126.01 (23%)
Dometic CoolFreeze CFX-28 Refrigerator Lid Open
Save: £54.29 (7%)

Boat Cooking Appliances - Upgrade your galley equipment

Upgrade your galley equipment with a new boat hob and grill or oven, hob, and grill combi appliance and enjoy lovely cooked meals on board.
Thetford Hotplate Hob & Grill
Save: £57.23 (17%)
Voyager 4500 Cooker with Oven, Hob & Grill
Save: £44.04 (8%)
Neptune 4500 Marine Cooker with Oven, Hob & Grill
Save: £91.98 (12%)
Dometic Sunlight Cooker with Oven & Hob
Save: £138.01 (19%)
Electric Ceramic Griddle
This product is not currently available

Boat Fenders - Get that fresh look

With so many boats likely to be on the waterways this season make sure you are prepared and looking smart with a set of new boat fenders.

Majoni Starfender 1 45 x 12cm
from £8.95
Save: £1.06 (11%)
Majoni Starfender 2 58 x 15cm
from £11.99
Save: £2.48 (17%)
Majoni Starfender 3 62 x 21cm
from £15.99
Save: £2.56 (14%)
Anchor Straight Fender 45 x 13cm
from £14.25
Save: £5.13 (26%)
Anchor Straight Fender 55 x 15cm
from £17.50
Save: £6.73 (28%)
Anchor Straight Fender 65 x 20cm
from £24.95
Save: £8.95 (26%)
Anchor Marine Straight Fender 80 x 20cm
from £32.36
Save: £3.23 (9%)
Anchor Ball Fender 33 x 20cm
from £17.60
Save: £1.96 (10%)
Anchor Ball Fenders 40 x 36cm
from £31.99
Save: £3.03 (9%)
Anchor Marine Ball Fender 52 x 40cm
from £47.95
Save: £5.16 (10%)
Anchor Marine Ball Fender 67 x 56cm
from £56.50
Save: £5.64 (9%)
Anchor Marine Low Profile Corner Fenders
from £32.85
Save: £2.68 (8%)
Anchor Marine Corner Fenders
from £27.50
Save: £4.13 (13%)
Anchor Marine Bow Fenders 66 x 43 x 14cm
from £39.95
Save: £4.69 (11%)
Anchor Marine Bow Fenders 48 x 31 x 20cm
from £41.95
Save: £4.93 (11%)
Anchor Blue End Straight Fenders
from £18.80
Save: £2.10 (10%)
Anchor Marine Fender Cleaner
Save: £3.55 (19%)
Fender Flutes
Save: £6.68 (32%)

Spring Clean the Outside of Your Boat

Let's start the big Spring clean! With your boat having been winterised for a while its time to get the boat wash, boat polish, and boat canopy cleaner out to brighten up the outside of your boat ready for the season ahead.

Star brite Boat Wash in a Bottle
from £9.95
Save: £2.61 (21%)
Star brite Boat Wash and Wax
Save: £5.73 (23%)
Star brite Marine Polish with PTEF
from £27.95
Save: £11.57 (29%)
3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Light Cutting Compound & Wax - 473ml
from £23.99
Save: £8.75 (27%)
3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Medium Cutting Compound & Wax
from £23.95
Save: £9.12 (28%)
3M Perfect-It Boat Wax - 473ml
from £18.95
Save: £6.90 (27%)
Star brite Liquid Rubbing Compound
from £16.95
Save: £6.28 (27%)
Star brite Premium Cleaner Wax - 950ml
from £15.95
Save: £14.45 (48%)
Fabsil Universal Protector Waterproofing - 5L
Save: £19.19 (39%)
Autosol Marine Boat Wash
Save: £2.40 (16%)
Autosol Boat Rubbing Cleaner
Save: £2.03 (10%)
Autosol Marine Wood & Teak Cleaner
Save: £2.55 (17%)
Autosol Marine Compound
Save: £6.95 (21%)
Autosol Marine Super Gloss Polish
Save: £3.41 (11%)
Autosol Marine Protection Coating
Save: £5.95 (17%)
Autosol Boat Combi Polish
Save: £3.91 (20%)
Autosol Black Streak Remover
Save: £7.95 (42%)

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