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Antifoul Painting Projects & Solutions

Published: 2 Feb 2014
Boat Projects & Solutions

A series of FREE Mini Guides for boating projects that run through the basic steps for the practical boat owner. This Mini Guide concentrates on Antifouling the boats bottom and how to prepare the hull for an excellent, long lasting finish.


Prepare the boats bottom by removing mussels, algae and other foreign matter.

A pressure wash and a good scrub with some Boat Bottom Cleaner will help.

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Preparing the line

Scraping and cleaning the calcium build up and scum from the antifoul line helps with the finish later.

A scraper and some calcium cleaner should do the job.

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Underwater Primer

Apply Underwater Primer to any visible gelcoat to ensure the antifoul adheres correctly and lasts longer.

Antifoul will not adhere to bare gelcoat for long once back in the water!

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Antifoul Paint

Choose your Antifoul grade & colour, mask up for a neat edge, then paint!

Using an Extendable Roller, disposable Brush & Gloves limits paint splash back.

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Boot Top Paint

Adding a Boot Top line in either Waterline Paint or Gloss Paint adds the classic look.

The harder Boot Top line can also withstand scrubbing during the season when cleaning.

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Antifouling Accessories

Additional useful equipment for re-antifoul the bottom of your boat. You can also select from our range of Boat Antifoul Paint to enure you get the correct paint applied, and you can view our extensive range of Boat Paints & Accessories to complete the antifoul process too.

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