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Canopy Slide Kit Projects & Solutions

Published: 27 Feb 2015
Boat Projects & Solutions

A series of FREE Mini Guides for boating projects that run through the basic steps for the practical boat owner. This Mini Guide concentrates on installing a Canopy Slide Kit to an existing canopy and shows, that with little work, better access can be achieved to and from you boat.

Slide Tracks

There are various Slide Track lengths available so work out where the tracks will sit and how they will operate best.

See where you can install fixing screws most securely.

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Measure & Position

It is important to look at your canopy design. Ask yourself whether you need to install the tracks as a side mount or a top mount setup.

Ensure the canopy bars fold away as intended.

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Bar Fittings

Fit the Canopy End Plugs or End Caps at the bottom of the canopy bars.

Remember, if you need to cut bars make sure you have measured the cut point accurately.

Slide Kits

You have a choice of using an All-in-One Nylon Slide Unit with built in stopper or a Stainless Steel Slider & separate Stopper to help position the bars.

The Canopy

Zipped doors could be added to your existing side curtains for improved access or you may wish to fit a new Canopy as you fit the slide kit such as our Freeman 23 High Rail Canopy that improves access and usable space on board.

Canopy Slide Kit Accessories

Additional useful products for a canopy slide kit conversion.