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Deck Fittings Projects & Solutions

Published: 26 Apr 2014
Boat Projects & Solutions

A series of FREE Mini Guides for boating projects that run through the basic steps for the practical boat owner. This Mini Guide concentrates on re-fitting aging boat deck fittings and runs through deck fitting removal, preparation and installing.

Signs of Wear

Take a look at your boat. Are there any fittings that appear to be moving or raised? Are there signs of staining or cracked mastic tape on the gelcoat around the fitting?

All signs of potential water ingress. If so, you may need to consider re-fitting and/or renewing the fitting.


Some fittings will be screwed on with self tapping screws where others will be bolted through.

Remove these and take the fitting off.

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Remove remaining dirt and old mastic tape from the fitting.

Then clean the boat and the base of the fitting with an Abrasive Cleaner and polish.

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Mastic Tape

Lay strips of Mastic Tape next to each other on the base of the fitting.

Pierce the fixing screws or bolts through the mastic to avoid bunching when tightening.

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If you can re-use the old fixing holes, refit the fitting.

However, if not, you may need to use larger screws or move the fitting slightly and re-drill new holes. Fill the old holes with a Gelcoat Filler.

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