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Exterior Cleaning Projects & Solutions

Published: 11 Mar 2014
Boat Projects & Solutions

A series of FREE Mini Guides for boating projects that run through the basic steps for the practical boat owner. This Mini Guide concentrates on cleaning the exterior of your boat including a basic wash, compound and polish.


Begin with an all over wash using Boat Wash in a Bottle to remove the worst.

Pour some into a bucket of water and use a soft wash brush.

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Secondly, rub an Abrasive Compound cleaner on to the gelcoat and rub off to bring the deep shine back.

This can be done by hand or by machine.

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For best results it is worth applying a Colour Restorer too.

Rub on and off by hand or machine to refine the gelcoat.


Complete the project with a Hard Polish. You should now be able to see yourself in the gelcoat!

Top up the polish occasionally throughout the season.

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Finishing Touches

With a quick Metal Polish, Rubber Moisturiser & Window Cleaner your boat can be the smartest vessel on the water!

Next clean the Canopy...

Exterior Cleaning Accessories

Why not explore our extensive range of Boat Cleaners to get that instant clean finish to get you boating, or, delve into the world of detailing for that expert finish.

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