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Interior Cleaning Projects & Solutions

Published: 11 Mar 2014
Boat Projects & Solutions

A series of FREE Mini Guides for boating projects that run through the basic steps for the practical boat owner. This Mini Guide concentrates on cleaning the interior of your boat including upholstery cleaning, dehumidifying and mildew control.


Boats like a lot of attention so keeping up with the cleaning is a good idea!

A Mildew Stain Remover helps remove the winters mildew stains.

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Upholstery can harbour bad smells and dampness so a quick Shampoo with a damp sponge should do the trick.

Alternatively consider a set of new Cabin Cushions!

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Galley & Shower

Try and spend a bit of time cleaning the shower & toilet room, as well as the galley, as guest are likely to use these areas the most.

A general Interior Cleaner is always useful to have on board.

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After spending your time cleaning it would be a shame to let the dampness return.

Dehumidifiers are an easy way to keep dampness at bay especially in the winter.

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Tube Heaters

Additionally, plug in a Tube Heater to keep your boat warmer and prevent damp building up.

Condensation usually builds up on the inside of the roof. Keeping a warmer climate reduces this.

Interior Cleaning Accessories

Explore our range of Boat Cabin & Galley Cleaners to give your boat a thorough clean.