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Calor Gas Cylinder Update

Published: 9 Jan 2024

Calor Gas have recently stated that the small 3.9kg & 4.5kg cylinders will now continue to be supplied, a turn around on their previous decision to withdraw these cylinders from their product line. This annoucment was made by Calor at the end of 2023 and limited supplies of cylinders will be available at local stockist (including from us at Sheridan Marine) at the beginning of 2024, with the aim to bolster cylinder numbers throughout the year.

Furthermore, you will be able to exchange on a like-for-like basis (e.g. you can exchange an empty 3.9kg for a filled 3.9kg, or an empty 4.5kg for a filled 4.5kg), likewise you can exchange 'same-class' cylinders (e.g. a 6kg for a 3.9kg, or a 7kg for a 4.5kg).