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Alde - LPG Gas Leak Detectors

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The brand name ALDE in black lettering with wo red 'forward slashes' before the text.

Alde, founded in 1949 by Alde Rask, is a leading manufacturer of heating solutions for caravans and the leisure market. Most notably known in the marine industry for the Alde Gas Leak Detectors, or Bubble Tester, which provides a simple gas test feature for gas systems. Commonly available as Alde 8mm Gas Leak Bubble Tester or Alde 10mm Gas Leak Bubble Tester.

With its head office in Farlov, Sweden, Alde is perfectly situated to develop heating solution products owing to Sweden's cold climate. Decades of development allowed Alde to bring a 'mobile' boiler to the leisure market in 1966, exporting products into Europe from 1969.

During the 1980s and 1990s Alde begin to expand and open subsidiaries during the 2000s in Germany and the UK with new products launched through this time.

Today, all Alde production takes place in Sweden, and Alde products are sold around the world to improve mobile living.

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