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Anza - Paint Brushes, Rollers and Tools

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Since 1946 Anza has faced the same challenge, making it easier to paint. This world leader in paint brushes, paint rollers and painting tools has years of research and development behind them, all of which has gone towards the development of excellent painting equipment.

With the painters hand and mind at the heart of paint brush and roller design Anza have established a loyal fan base. Ever since they began producing paint rollers in 1960 they have continued to forge strong international business relationships as well as a reknowned product line.

Now employing over 250 personel in paint brush development, manufacturing, marketing and product distribution, Anza's scandinavian routes are still strong. Based in Norway, amongst the Fjords, Anza now produce a fine selection of paint brushes, many with specific applications of paint in mind (such as the radiator brush range - which are angled precisely!). Their endless range of paint rollers and roller heads are manufactured from a variety of materials such as foam, mohair and felt. A range of design shapes and sizes extend the range. This detail allows the painter to select the best tool for the job. Whether you are painting the boat and require a super-fine gloss finish, or painting the windows at home and just need the job done, Anza have the brush or roller for you.

Not contempt with paint application alone, Anza also developed a vast range of painters tools too. Not satisfied with the markets pre-paint and post-paint tools Anza supply items like painters knives, dusting brushes, scrapers and scraper blades to allow you, the painter, to get the very best result everytime.