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Aqua Signal - Boat Lighting Systems

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Safe navigation on our seas, rivers and lakes has been an issue from the day humans began exploring the waters. Even in the early days of sea trade men and women used boats for various activities.

When trade between continents around the world boomed, vessels required fast developments in navigational safety and when electricity became mobile it changed nauctical navigation forever. With the introduction of navigation lights, small fishing boats, liesure yachts and large cargo ships were able to display the common-place set of navigation lights. These usually consist of a red Port light, a green Starboard light, a white Stern light and a white Masthead on white Anhor light depending on the vessel and situation requirements.

Aqua Signal are a German firm you specialise in low voltage marine navigation lights and recreational lighting for boats. Now owned by Glamox Group, a norwegian company, Aqua Signal was established in 1868 and now employs over two hundred people who are proud of the German manufacturing design and finish. Supplying the trade across Europe and the world with products that meet all relevant navigational standards with superior quality and safety at its heart. We have a wide variety of boat navigation lights in stock and spare marine navigation light bulbs too.