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Autosol - Marine Cleaners & Polish

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Autosol - Marine Cleaners & Polish

Autosol was founded in 1929 by Otto Durst in Germany. Otto had a passion for cars, more importantly it enjoyed the sparkle and shine of clean new cars. With the rich demand for cars in the 1920's Otto soon relised that cars required regular maintenance, not only with the engine and the mechanisms, but also the look. Cars were, and still are to this day, linked to prestige and image.

Otto manufactured a paint polish to allow owners and trades personel to clean and protect car body work, Autosol. From the humble bengin Autosol has been providing the best cleaning and polishing products for cars, yachts, boats, caravans, motorcycles, and trades for decades.

Autosol now operates out of the USA with a glbal distribution network ensuring their products are availble in approximately 70 countires around the world. Many of Autosol products have been awarded the prestigious Monde Selection gold medal by the International Institute for Quality Selections in Belgium. In fact, Autosol Metal Polish has won the gold award three times, the maximum number allowable, after which a product is distinguished as the "World's Finest"!

Autosol Marine Glass Polish Save 12%
£14.25SRP £16.13
Autosol Boat Rubbing Cleaner Save 7%
£17.99SRP £19.38
Autosol Marine Heavy-Duty Bilge Cleaner Save 7%
£14.99SRP £16.13
Autosol Marine Protection Coating Save 17%
£28.95SRP £34.90
Autosol Boat Combi Polish Save 7%
£19.99SRP £21.54
Autosol Marine Wood & Teak Cleaner Save 12%
£14.25SRP £16.13
Autosol Marine Boat Wax Save 12%
£19.99SRP £22.69
Autosol Water Line Cleaner Save 7%
£14.99SRP £16.13
Autosol Black Streak Remover Save 7%
£13.99SRP £15.05
Autosol Marine Shine Metal Polish Save 19%
from £6.95SRP £8.56
Autosol Marine Bird & Spider Stain Remover Save 17%
£11.50SRP £13.90
Autosol Marine Rust Ex Save 7%
£19.99SRP £21.54
Autosol Marine Compound Save 6%
£34.35SRP £36.70
Autosol Marine Super Gloss Polish Save 11%
£28.95SRP £32.36
Autosol Marine Boat Wash Save 7%
£14.99SRP £16.13
Autosol Inflatable Boat & Fender Cleaner Save 7%
£17.99SRP £19.38