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Besto Redding - Personal Safety Equipment

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Besto Redding, best known as simply Besto, was founed in 1920 by Mr van der Belt and Mr van der Stouwe in Zwartsluis, The Netherlands. The name Besto is a combination of the first three letters of each surname and they began by producing boat collision bags, better known today as boat fenders, from rattan and cork filling.

They soon began designing and manufacturing personal safety equpiment mainly using cotton, kapok, and cork. As the new leisure market began to open up Besto began specialising in buoyancy aids, lifejackets, and other floatation devices for inland, offshore, and professional use. New materials such as Polyethlene foam and synthetic fabrics enabled Besto to modernise.

Now owned by Brunswick Besto have a reputation of quality and comfort with years of experience tailoring their products to be the best they can with a keen eye on quality assurance each product is tested, checked and approved by an indepedent institution and all relevant UK and European safety regulations are applied.