Blue Gee - Marine Fibreglass & Gelcoat Repair

A vision that began in 1985 saw Mr David Benoy, of Poole Fibreglass Centre in Cobbs Quay Poole, UK, experimenting with the likes of Shell and Anchor Chemicals to invent a new epoxy suitable for the marine environment. What was invented was known as Epoxy 'A'. Through the years various new products were created and distributed, mainly in bulk, to UK boat builders and chandlers.

Today, Blue Gee have a vast catalogue of epoxy repair kits for fibreglass repairs, a selection of gelcoat repair kits, complete with colour pigments to improve colour matching, marine fillers, acetone, fibreglass tools and even cabon fibre and kevlar repair kits. If the thought of fibreglass repairs is enough to put you off attempting it yourself, Blue Gee have produced the The Blue Gee Glass Fibre and Epoxy Wood Book as an indepth guide to help you. Together with their 'customer-focused' product range, suitable for small to large repairs/ boat building we can hopefully get you back up and cruisng the waters as soon as possible.

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