Blue Sea Systems - Electrical Components

Blue Sea Systems is an international brand owned by Power Products, a US based global diversified electrical products platform. Leading the way in aftermarket recreational marine and specialty vehiles, industrial power and transportation.

Power Products has a vast portfolio of interconnecting product ranges and owns brands including Marinco, Mastervolt, Anchor (cables), BEP, Lenco, CZone, ParkPower by Marinco, Progressive Industries and ProMarinier to name a few.

Blue Sea Systems offer individual low voltage electrical units for on board electircal system construction based on key areas including Power Conversion, Battery Charging & Battery Switches, Fuse Holders and Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Instrument Panels & Meters, Bus Bars and Switches.

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Recessed Dual 12 Volt USB Socket
Save: £10.06 (29%)
Blue Sea DC Basic 60 Waterproof Instrument Panel Labels
Save: £1.32 (10%)
Blue Sea 12v Plug & Socket Extension
Save: £9.12 (21%)
Blue Sea 12v Socket
Save: £3.43 (21%)
Blue Sea 12v Plug
Save: £3.41 (20%)
Blue Sea 12v Plug & Socket
Save: £2.43 (9%)