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Bowman - Marine Engine Water Cooling Systems

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E.J. Bowman are specialists in heat transfer technology and have been manufacturing heat exchangers, header tanks and oil coolers for over 100 years in the UK having formed in 1919. Through their experience in the marine market they have established a quality and reliable standadized selection of heat exchangers with many applications on boat engines to help regulate engine temperaures so the engine runs at the correct temperature.

Their purpose built factory supllies the marine trade with most of their products and Sheridan Marine concentrate on Bowman spares including oil cooler end caps, heat exchanger end caps, oil coolers and more. Bowman parts feature on many of the Freeman Cruiser boats so supply of perishable parts are usually held in stock.

Where Bowman hardware replacement is required our in-house technical team will be willing to assist you so feel free to contact us.