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Their slogan was once "The best outboard motor in the world" and they proudly had this written on the top of all their British made outboard engines until their competitors went to the competition commitee of the day in protest - they thought it unfair that British Seagull could claim such a thing. The change they made was one word, they now printed on every engine "The best outboard motor for the world" - still acknowledging how firmly they believed that the British Seagull was the best!

British Seagull began production of a single cyclinder two-stroke petrol outboard engine in 1931 after a few years in development. Over the years manufacturing over 2.5 millions engines with approximately 68 different models all over the world. Today, British Seagull is still in British hands and Seagull spare parts continue to be manufactured, ranging from spark plugs & drive spring kits to owners handbooks, spares books and service manuals.

There is a global following for British Seagulls, particualrly in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the US and South Africa, although British Seagull have delivered engines and spares to almost every country! Today many owners spend time restoring their engines to their former glory, using them on the back of their boats and, in some cases, are used as training tools in engineering collages.

The iconic British design was also on display in the London Science Museum celebrating the vast success that British Seagull have.

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