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Capt. Tolley's - Marine Sealant

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Capt. Tolley's is the manufacturer of marine sealant, notably Creeping Crack Cure, a quick and easy multipurpose sealant for hairline cracks that is suitable for a vast amount of materials including many boat, caravan and household applications.

The story began in 1956 when Peter 'Tolley' Jordan started to sail. As a captain cruising the high seas he experienced a great deal of weather variations, notably the wet weather! As with most boat owners finding a leak on board that is not easy to fix is frustrating, sometimes irritating at times if the leak can't be fixed. Capt. Tolley began to develop a liquid form setting sealant that would follow the flow the water would take down small cracks. This revolutionary idea was meant to penetrate directly to the source of the leak to the top.

With years of testing Capt. Tolley was launched in 1986 and was well received by sailors as the liquid sealant was able to seal small cracks on Artictic exploration vessels, ancient sailing yachts and modern day motor boats providing watertight voyages around the world. It is nowadays used on a wide variety of situations to 'plug-the-gap' should a speedy repair be required!