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Cobra - Marine VHF Radios

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Cobra started life fixing TV's in a small garage in the USA. Through this time knowledge and expertise in technology grew within Cobra's staff and a need for quality electrical communications was identified as a growing market. With over 50 years of design and experience Cobra now produce handheld VHF marine radios, fixed dash mount radios, in-car dash cams, CB radios and iRadar driver awareness products.

They have a strong customer community with over 100 million digital travel alerts posted annually to help motorists navigate. And their future technology drive fuels their constantly developing model range to suit modern day requirements.

Focusing on VHF marine radios Cobra lead the field in design and specification with entry models offering great features for a sensible price, perfect for novice boaters and first-timer sea fairers. The more advanced VHF radios offer longer ranges and features like GPS tracking and 24 hour access to international weather reports.

The Cobra brand is now owned by Cedar Electronics based in Chicago, USA. Their aim is to build world-class technology in communications and information systems.