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Looking after woodwork and preparing it correctly will allow it to last longer and look beautiful for many years. The weather causes substantial wear on untreated wood, especially in the marine environment, so protecting your boat woodwork is essential; prompting the creation of Coelan Boat Coating.

Developed by a German firm, Kemper Systems, a world leader in waterproofing, roofing and surface systems. With knowledge gained from the commercial building trade and high industrial surface requirements based on standards, effectivenes, protectiviness, longevity and resistance Kemper Systems created Coelan as a durable high-performance, transparent or coloured, protective surface coating.

With the high demand for improved yacht surface protection Kemper Systems launched into the marine market. For over 50 years Coelan Boat Coating has protected a variety of wooden boats with teak, mahogany and other wood decks for example. It is not only super yachts and cabin cruisers that are protected by Coelan products, famously, the Empire State Builiding and the Rockerfeller Centre in New York, USA, and the US Capitol Building in Washington, USA, have all be protected by Coelan.

Coelan coatings are truly trusted and recognised around the world as one of the best and long-lasting surface protection products available - almost all surfaces can be protected (check product details for suitability). Some of the essential characteristics of Coelan include:

  • Ultra violet resistant and light-stable
  • Highly elastic, yet extremely hard-wearing
  • Long service life
  • Easy to apply and crack-bridging due to its elasticity
  • Permeable so lets the wood breath
  • Coats wood, steel, aluminium and plastic surfaces such as glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP).
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