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Comma - Oils, Fluids & Lubricants

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Comma started as an idependent oil blender that started product in 1965 and quickly gained a reputation for the quality of products and service. Comma gained traction until it was affected by the 1970's and 1980's oil and energy crisis. So, in 1989 it was acquired by Esso Petroleum Company Ltd which allowed Comma to develop new oil blends and push forward into the synthetic oil blends as engine technology moved forward. Ten years later Comma would find itself part of the ExxonMoible merger where Comma continued to expand and grow rapidly into the recreational, automobile and light commercial vehicle markets.

A push in the early 2000's into rebranding and aftermarket sales, along with oil innovations kept Comma at the forefront. In 2012 Comma was sold to its licensee in South America, Moove Lubrificantes e Especialidades S.A, in Brazil. With this move Comma are aiming to be the leading global aftermarket oil and lubricant brand.