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Safety at sea has always been a concern since we began to explore the oceans. Fishing for one was notoriously dangerous, and still is to some extent today, we are however vastly more aware of weather patterns and fish habits so with all the technology available sailing can be more structured.

Crewsaver saw the need for safety devices at sea launched into the marine personal safety gear market in 1957 under the name 'Crewsaver Marine Equipment Ltd' from their Gosport, UK, premises. Through the 1960's and 1970's Crewsaver constantly developed and redeveloped their lifejackets when new materials or technologies allowed. Then in the 1980's Crewsaver introduced the pioneering 'gas-inflated' lifejackets which bought with it better safety features and paved the way for modern lifejackets.

In 1996 the CE mark was introduced and Crewsaver changed their designs to meet stricter regulations. Folowing on from this Crewsaver worked with the RLNI to produce their first custom designed lifejacket for lifeboat men and women. Through the 2000's Crewsaver continued to develop new products, notably the Ergofit lifejacket range was launched and later the Fusion 3D lifejacket was launched, a revolutionary jacket designed to fit more comfortably around the body. To this day Crewsaver produce exceptionally crafted and stylish lifejackets to the recreational marine market, the commercial off-shore market and the defence market too.

Crewsaver is part of the Survitec Group which also produces YAK, manufacturers of personal floatation devies and kayak and canoe equipment.

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