Cuprinol - Bilgex Boat Bilge Cleaner

Cuprinol are probably best known for making products that help you enjoy your garden, manufacturing protective coatings for fences, sheds, decking, timber building and wooden furniture.

Today, the Cuprinol brand is owned by AkzoNobel, a global leader of paint and surface coating production. A company with a deep history started in 1646 in Sweden, AkzoNobel moved forward through the years developing all sorts of products and paints when in 1933 Polythene was discovered by accident by ICI scientists. Polythene in paint open the door for hugh strides in better quality finishes and long-lasting coatings.

Along with the rich array of painting brands, including Cuprinol, AkzoNobel product Cuprinol Bilgex, a marine bilge cleaner designed to breakdown oil and grease residue in boat engine bilge compartments. Bilgex is renown in the marine trade with loyal customers always using Bilge to clean their engine bays.

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