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Dot Fasteners are a product line of the American firm Scovill Fasteners, traditionally manufacturing fixtures, fasteners, grommets and snaps for garments in the clothing and fashion industry. Scovill Fasteners soon realsised the scope that their versatile fixtures and fittings could reach. They now produce lift-the-dot fasteners, clothes poppers, snaps, locks and tools and presses to go with.

DOT itself stands with the tag line 'Durability, Strength and Performance', highlighting the high level of quality control that Scovill Fasteners put in place during the manufacturing and testing stages of their fittings to ensure everything works as it should. The DOT brand is well over 100 years old now and various product lines have grown from the original fasteners. Today there is the most popular 'Lift-the-DOT' range, 'Pull-the-DOT' range, 'DOT Durable', 'DOT Baby Durable', 'Snapmaster', 'Gripper' and 'Common Sense' fixings.

Lift-the-DOT fittings are widely used in the marine market, especially on boat canopies, hoods and biminis. You will see on almost every waterway in the UK that a LIFT-the-DOT Push Button Popper Button combined with a Push Button Popper Socket is used to hold down canopy material. Either by clamping material-to-material using the Push Button Popper Stud and Push Button Popper Backing, or material-to-hard surface using either Push Button Popper Screw Stud or the Push Button Popper Stud for example. That's right, canopy poppers are able to be fitted to permeant positions as well as flexible material - as is more common place on most coats and jackets, sometime covering the zipper.

DOT turn buttons are also a very common boat canopy fitting found in the UK marine trade. This turn button slots into a Turn Button Eyelet so you can lock-in and firmly hold materials down - usually boat hood side panels are held with this type of fitting.

Still, the application possibilites do not stop at boats, it is not unrealistic to say that poppers, especisally, are common place in everyday items from sporting goods, leather accesories, handbags, coats & jakcets, cars & vans and bike accessories to name a few!