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A world leading manufacturer of high performance alkaline batteries for powering low voltage tech and gadgets. Spearheaded byt the Duracell Bunny, the companies mascot, an energetic rabit that can go further and faster than rabbits powered by other battiers!

Battery technology can't be that old can it? Well, mabye surprisingly the routes of Duracell go as far back as the 1920's, however battery technology began as early as 1800, with studies and theories pre-dating this. Still, the very early of batteries were of course mainly for scientific purposes so had no real place in the world as it stood. In the 1950's research moved from more common zinc-carbon batteries to the new alkaline based batteries; but of course, being such new technology at the time meant the costs were somewhat prohibitive.

Alas, with higher demand and new mobile technology on the market for all consumers alkaline batteries became a popular choice for long lasting power. In 1965 the Duracell brand was launched. With the help of big company supplies to the likes of Kodak and Polaroid, popular manufacturers of mobile cameras, video recorders and walkie-talkies, Duracell ramped up their development and manufacturing. Then in 1969 Duracell took off with Apollo 11 and became the first battery on the moon!

Now employing over 3000 personel around the world Duracell, in its distinctive black and copper colours, powers gadgets, toys and technology all over the globe. It can be noted that calculations suggest that 63 Duracell products are sold every second around the world and the demand for mobile power is just increasing. Some of Duracell's main products are:

Rechargeable equivalents are also available along with coin batteries - the battery found in many keyfobs and watches - and, more recently, hearing aide batteries which are very small. Mobile power banks are relatively new to Duracell, they are rechargeable battery packs for on-the-go mobile phone users so that their phone battery can be recharged on the move.