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Founded in 1936 Durite is th UK's leading brand in auto electrical parts manufacturing components for the automotive, marine, agriculture, commercial, vans and truck, and leisure markets.

Durite is owned by Safe Fleet, a USA based manufacturer of safety solutions for vehicles and people. Based in Belton, Missouri, Safe Fleet is a vast global company with over 1700 personel and 15 manufacuring locations. The roots of Safe Fleet stem from the creation of Elkhart Brass in 1902 by Albert E Hansen, and Bustin, founded by Leo Bustin in 1928. These two firms would later become ROM and SMI, the merger of which consolidates vehicle safety equipment into one key firm, Safe Fleet.

Today Durite continues to be a UK brand designing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of electrical equipment of vehicles including lights, bulbs, switches, and safety equipment.