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Ecoworks Marine Environmentally Safe & Responsible Cleaners

One of the big questions we are asking ourselves in the early part of the 21st century is how to reduce our impact on our planet. What makes this question all the more difficult to answer is that generally we still wish to be able to do everything that we want to do - naturally we are creatures of habit. Now, is this possible? Can we continue as we are but alter things slightly to stop impacting our home quite so much? For many the answer is no. The argument is that with consumerism as it is today in many developed countires there will be no end to harming our environment. However...

...there are now more and more companies and individuals in the world determined to see, and make, a change to our habits to lessen the impact on our world. Ecoworks Marine are one of those companies who have made great strides in providing environmentally sustainable products for us boaters to use. Ecoworks Marine have concentrated solely on manufacturing environmentally friendly, organic cleaners for boats.

When we met with Angus Johnston of Ecoworks at Sherdan Marine he told us about their use of naturally forming bacteria and enzymes, organic acids, naturally-derived surfactants and natural fragrance blends that go into creating their environmentally freindly boat cleaning products. We were greatly encouraged by his enthusiasm and determination to get everyone on board with using environmentally safe products to clean their yachts and boats.

Moreover, these particular environmentally safe and responsible biological boat cleaners are made from sustainable and renewable equivalents to chemical based cleaners. EcoWorks Marine's environmentally safe cleaners are Compliant to MARPOL Annex 5 1.7.5 and is declared not harmful to the marine environment (set out by the The Marine Environment Protection Committee). This is all great news as marine wildlife will not be affected, another step to transforming our habits without us having to change our hobbies!

This scientifc approach to helping our environment is an excellent innovation, plus, the bottles used to contain the liquids are all made from recycled plastic and are fully recycable themselves too!

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