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Epifanes - Marine Paint & Varnish

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Epifanes have been producing high quality, high gloss yacht paint and varnish for the marine environment since 1902. First established by Willem Heeren, an expert in paint blends, typically for use on new Dutch houses in the Haarlemmermeer region of newly reclaimed land. Wilem began to experiment with his paint coatings and an ever increasing upward trend for boat paint coatings during the late 1890's, well into the early 1900's. This was fuelled in Holland, largely because of their long and rich history as masters of the seas. It is documented that foreign designers would take long trips to Holland to learn their skills and take them back home.

Paint for boats, prior to large manufacturing companies, would have been made specifically by the Dutch Master (boat builders) to suit their requirements. This was not pleasant work at all and colour consistancy and product quality was often very low. By the 1600's mall paint blending warehouses began to pop up all over Holland improving quality and availability. This push to dominate a growing market for top quality, long-lasting, durable and resistant marine gloss paint and varnish lead to Holland being recognised for their skills and soon became to go to source for boat paint.

Epifanes as a company grew during the 1910's and 1920's where Albert, Willem's son, joined the company. Sadly Willem died in 1933 at the age of 96, leaving Epifanes to his son. Soon after, in 1942 Albert sadly passed away leaving the company in the hands of Alberts niece and her husband. Epifanes (trading as W.Heeren en Zoon) was later bought by Adrian F. Zonjee in 1951 where he quickly improved and expanded the line of maritime paints. Vast domestic and international growth of Epifanes meant that by 1955 the manufacturing of this top quality gloss paint had double the size of the factory.

It wasn't until 1982 that Epofanes began to export paint to the US, their reputation has preceeded them and so Epifanes was welcomed with open arms and customers were happy that they could now get one of the finest boat paints in the world on to their boats. Adrian sold his company to his son Paul in 1985. Paul remains the sole owner to this day and Epifanes is availble in over 50 countries across the world.

Epifanes High Gloss Clear Varnish is particularly renown around the world as one of the leading high-gloss, clear varnish boat coatings.

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