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Fireblitz - Fire, Smoke & Carbon Dioxide Alarms & Fire Extinguishers

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Fireblitz are trusted manufacturers of safety alarms such as fire alarms, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, heat detectors and maker of portable fire extinguishers.

Unwanted fire can be devastating. It can cause irrepairable damage and a great deal of harm to property and people. Fire safety is extremely important, not just so at home but on our boats too. In fact, the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS), a regulatory body for UK boating, has fire extinguishers, fire blankets and carbon dioxide detectors (or CO alarms) as compulsary items that must be fitted to most boats used in the UK (contact us for more details of specific requirements of your vessel).

Fireblitz are one of the UK's leading manufacturers of fire safety products supplying domestic, commercial, automotive and marine safety products that are high quality and user friendly. 

Fireblitz safety products are trusted by fire and rescue services across the UK and their ISO 9001 standard and certified products make their products suitable for a wide variety of applications and boat safety is just one such hobby where safety is the number one priority.