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Gorilla Glue - Bonding Tapes & Adhesives

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The Gorilla Glue Company has been producing industry leading adhesives for over 20 years. The original Gorilla glue formula can be traced back to Indonesia where its formula was being used on teak furniture. The 'discovery' by Mark Singer began the import into America for resale to US furniture manufacturers. Such was the strenght of Gorilla Glue consumers soon realised that this same glue formula could be used in a wide variety of applications. Gorilla Glue's ever expanding range of adhesives, tapes, sealants, glues and epoxies are designed to be tough and long-lasting.

This family-owned and operated business is based in Sharonville, Ohio, USA. The Polyurethane glues that they produce are used in and ever increasing way from furtinure construction to hobby craft building, model kit toy building to household repairs and it is even being wide used as repair glues and repair tapes on boats. For example, the Gorilla Tape and Gorilla Clear Repair Tape are particualarly useful for boat canopy quick-fixes and seasonal repairs to damage boat canopies for example.

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