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Grangers is a UK based company that develop and manufacture cleaning and waterproofing products that protect and restore outdoor gear. Best known for their brand Fabsil.

Since starting in 1937 Grangers have been at the forefront of developing the most innovative weather proofing products. Back in 1947 Grangers developed the world's first ever water-based waterproofing solution for the outdoors market.

Stepping foreward to 1953 Grangers waterproofing was used to help protect equipment during the first Mt. Everest summit climb. Today, Grangers waterproofing is designed by a dedicated laboratory team looking into and adjusting their waterproofing formulas with the help of science. With a big push to more sustainable and environmentally responsible production Grangers waterproofing, alongside current adveturers and explorers such as Ben Saunders, produce outdoor gear protection no matter where you are venturing.

So if you are about and about exploring the far corners of the world or just nipping out with the dog for a walkt down the road Granger's can help keep you dry. With a vast array of applications Granger's waterproofing has, inevitably, made their waterproofing accessible to boat owners too. Useful for protecting boat canopies and biminis by coating material in a non-stick, water-repellent sealer coat prevents materials saturating with moisture, a common source of leaking boat hoods.

Now, Grangers sell their water-based, PFC-free, waterproofing in over 50 countires, protecting and keeping people dry all around the world. So, next time you are out-and-about, consider spraying on a water repellent liquid on to your jacket or coat. Even waterproofing you boats canopy over the winter and summer months will prolong the life of the canvas and even keep it cleaner for longer as rain water will not be able to 'cling-on', later depoisiting the fine dirt when the water evaporates.

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