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Gurit SP Systems - Epoxy, Fibreglass & Resin

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Gurit SP Systems - Epoxy, Fibreglass & Resin LogoSP Systems, now Gurit, is a specialist manufacturer of composite materials for the marine and wind energy sectors. SP Systems is a firm favourite with boaters owing to the dedicated research and development aimed at the marine market. Gurit, as it is know known, has it's own routes in material creation pioneering the use of rubber and synthetic materials from 1929. In fact, the name Gurit is derived from the 'Gu'in Gummi i.e. rubber in German, and 'Rit' for Richterswil, Switzerland. The acquisition took place in 2002 and meant that the SP Systems epoxy product range could be continually developed with the latest technology changes. This marriage of expertise and synergies allows Gurit to provide global reaching, quality epoxies, resins and materials for mould construction to minor, and major boat repairs.
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