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Hella Marine - Boat Lighting Systems

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Hella Marine is a worldwide, German, marine lighting specialist that first began in 1925. Hella Marine is now located in New Zealand where it designs, manufactures and distributes innovative boat lighting.

Boat lighting in a nutshell consists of Navigation Lights and Cabin Lights. Navigation lights are, usually, legal requirements for cruising, they are a visual indication to other vessels of your positioning and a notification of your direction of travel. Hella Marine have been designing and manufacturing boat navigation lights for approximately 100 hundred years, indeed, Hella navigation lights can be found on boats throughout the world. With new technologies come more modern LED navigation lights, something that Hella Marine manufacture today.

Interior boat cabin lights have progressed too. Incandscent bulbs used to be fitted to most cabin lights, these later moved on to brighter halogen bulbs and nowadays we have LED bulbs. LED bulbs and much smaller than traditional bulbs allowing for a wider variety of light designs. Slimline surface mount boat lights are availble along with colour changing lamps, typical on boats a map reading light that changes from white light to red light is popular when navigating at night. The red light allows the captain to see within the cabin for map reading, whilst not affecting our natural night vision too much.

The future for many boat lights will be with ultra-longlife LED's. Lights will probably be fully sealed for life, minimising the likelyhood that water can penetrate the light fitting and corrode terminals etc. They will offer greater efficiency and brightness whilst being safer and less energy hungry.