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Hempel - Paint, Varnish & Antifoul

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Hempel - Paint, Varnish & Antifoul

Hempel paints (formerly Blakes Paints) offer a comprehensive range of quality boat paints, covering all substrates, needs, conditions and techniques from top coats, marine antifouling, boat deck paint to boat cleaners and degreasers. With Hempel boat paints you can rely on one brand for all your paint projects.

It was in 1915, in Denmark where Hempels roots lie. With their headquarters in Copenhagen today, they may not have moved their head office out of Denmark but they certainly have their coating solutions around the globe. As manufactures of protective coatings Hempel have found markets in all sorts of segments such as oil & gas, idustrial, decorative, containers, wind and thermal energy and of course mthe marine industry.

Delevoping paints for yachts, ships and river cruisers, Hempel contunually seek to delivery excellent quality paint coatings that provide exceptional protection while minimising the impact on our environment. Hempel's ISO 9001 standards compliancy ensures they supply consistent quality while their ISO 19030 standards ensures their boat paints meet standards for hull and propeller performance.

Some of Hempel's key products included Hempel Tiger Xtra Antifouling, Hempel Cruising Performer Antifouling, Hempel Broads Antifouling and Hempel Classic Antifouling. They have also developed a biocide free boat bottom paint, elminatng copper leakage from older antifouling.

Hempel Classic Varnish is widely considered to be a user-friendly, high grade yacht varnish providing exceptional gloss finish.

Sheridan Marine have been supplying Hempel products since we started in 1972. We have a good relationship with the UK head office and speak with their technical team on a regular basis to learn about new Hempel boat products and find aout details for specific customer projects.

Hempel Brilliant Gloss Save 14%
£26.50SRP £30.82
Hempel Non-Slip Deck Coating Save 9%
£25.50SRP £28.12
Hempel Bilge & Locker Paint Save 9%
£23.95SRP £26.27
Hempel Multicoat Save 14%
£22.50SRP £26.03
Hempel Favourite Varnish - 750ml Save 14%
from £21.85SRP £25.49
Hempel Classic Varnish - 750ml Save 15%
from £24.99SRP £29.32
Hempel Dura-Satin Varnish - 750ml Save 14%
£22.67SRP £26.45
Hempel Wood Impreg Save 14%
£17.40SRP £20.28
Hempel Thinners - 811 (No.1) Save 9%
£12.95SRP £14.30
Hempel Primer Undercoat Save 14%
£22.50SRP £26.27
Hempel Primer Undercoat Save 14%
£51.25SRP £59.77
Hempel Pre-Clean Cleaner Save 14%
£17.99SRP £20.94
Hempel Classic Antifouling 2.5L Save 20%
£44.95SRP £56.16
Hempel Broads Antifoul 2.5L Save 23%
£59.95SRP £77.72
Hempel Cruising Performer Antifoul 2.5L Save 29%
£69.95SRP £98.72
Hempel Tiger Xtra Antifoul 2.5L Save 32%
£89.95SRP £131.63
Hempel Underwater Primer - 750ml Save 14%
from £24.60SRP £28.66
Hempel Boottop 375ml Save 8%
£26.35SRP £28.54
Hempel Brilliant Gloss - Pure White Save 14%
£69.24SRP £80.77
Hempel Hempinol 10220 Bitumen Varnish Save 8%
£33.23SRP £36.00
Hempel Brilliant Gloss 375ml - White Save 8%
£18.99SRP £20.64
Hempel Epoxy Filler Save 15%
£18.75SRP £22.14
Hempel Thinners - 851 (No.6) Save 10%
£17.99SRP £20.04
Hempel Thinners - 845 (No.5) Save 10%
£14.55SRP £16.15
Hempel Thinners - 808 (No.3) Save 9%
£12.95SRP £14.30
Hempel Thinners - 871 (No.2) Save 10%
£17.99SRP £20.04
Hempel Paint Stripper Save 8%
£50.81SRP £55.04
Hempel EcoPower Cruise Boat Antifoul 2.5L - True Blue Save 19%
£55.95SRP £69.35
Hempel Prop-Primer 101EX Save 9%
£22.95SRP £25.13
Hempel Degreaser Save 9%
£14.80SRP £16.27