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Holdon - Instant Clip-on Eyelet

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A Swedish designed boat tarpaulin clip that clips-on to boat covers to provide an anchoring point without the need of making additional holes in the cover. The instant eyelet design has won 'Product of the year' in London and can be used for holding up boat winter covers, banners, is a great gardening poly tunnel fixings and is an excellent clip for building dust sheets, camping fasteners and entertainment backdrop eyelets.

From the town of Hol in Sweden, a small farming village in the North West, farmers were overwhelmed with frustration with the poor holding quality of traditional tarpaulin eyelets. With a rather abrupt gust of wind the brass eyelets usually found on entry level tarpaulins are only clamped to the thin material be pressing the eyelet into a punched out hole in the material - inheriently not very strong.

Thus, working with a local manufacturer the Sewdish farmers went to design and make a new, more reliable form of fixing tarpaulins so they don't move. The device/gear, or 'don' in Sweidsh, was made of strong glass reinforced nylon. The Holdon was invented and a patent applied for in 1999. Since its birth, the Holdon Clip has established a cult-like following with farmers, boaters, gardeners, sign and banner makers and as a general material hold down clamp. The Holdon Clip is particularly useful for tying down boat covers over the winter as they are rugged, strong, reliable and you are able to adjust the shape of the tarpaulin to fit the many angles found on a boat - you can gather darts and almost make a 'fitted cover'!