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Isopon - Fibreglass Repairs

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Isopon, formally known as David's Fastglas, is a London, UK, based ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of vehicle repair products. Specialising in fibre glass repair kits, resin and matting for small boat repairs.

Should you have a small fibreglass dinghy and are looking to repair the structure the Isopon Fastglas Glass Fibre Kit is an excellent starter kit for minor repairs. Smaller river cruisers can also require fibreglass repairs if midseason knocks cause damage to the hull or super structure.

Full epoxy, gelcoat and glass fibre kits and equipment are availble for major boat repairs but Isopon kits can be a great introduction fto glass fibre repairs for DIY novices. Isopon create fibreglass repair kits suitable for minor repairs for all sorts of applications including car repairs, caravan fixes, home fixtures and even bath tubs!

Isopon continue to develop state of the art repair kits whilst also understanding past manufacturing techniques still have a require for repairs too.