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J-Type Marine Gearbox™ - Marine Gearbox Spares

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J-Type Marine Gearbox™ is a classic British brand of marine gearbox. Proudly owned by Sheridan Marine, J-Type Marine Gearbox now organise the manufacturer of all the spare parts, including gaskets, oil, breakbands, manuals, gears, clutches and more, in order to keep the classic boat gearboxes operating smoothly on all types of boats from river cruisers, such as Freeman Cruisers, and sailing yachts etc.

Supplying the trade and customers in the UK, Europe and around the world with gearbox replacement parts. You can read more on the history of J-Type Gearboxes and learn details of their various installations and browse for the essential parts online. For more detailed gearbox repairs and to book an inspection and rig-run up at Sheridan Marine please contact us.

You may also be interested in the historic connection with WaterMota Petrol Engines which were married with the J-Type Gearbox on many installations to Freeman Cruiser boats.