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JCS - High Performance Hose Clips

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JCS, or Jukes Coulson, Stokes & Co Ltd are British manufacturers of high performance hose clips. Dating back to 1768 when Jukes Coulson began work as an Iron Merchant in London, England. In 1870 a Thomes Newton Stokes joined the company, now trading as Jukes Coulson, Stokes (JCS). Concentrating on manufacturing products from iron soon moved into large welded steel fabrications and welded drums.

Then in 1946 JCS received their first order for hose clips, a form of fastening hoses to inlets and outlets whereby the adjustable tigthening clip goes over the hose and holds it in postion. By 1960 the large steel manufacturing was phased out and the whole factory was then solely producing hose clips.

JCS launched their first own-brand hose clip, the Hi-Torque Heavy Duty Hose Clamp, in 1964. Demand of which grew to a point where JCS moved production to a purpose built new factory in Sudbury, Suffolk. Then, in 1982 the globally popular JCS Hi-Grip Hose Clip was launched. From here, new fasteners, clips and clamps were designed and produced with an emphasis on high quality and reliable products.

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