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Labcraft - Low Voltage Lighting

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A leading designer, developer and manufacturer of low voltage lighting for boats, caravans, motorhomes and trailers. Labcraft lighting focuses on long life, energy efficient and high performance illumination from low voltage power sources.

It is increasingly important to conserve energy usage on board these days. With our ever-increasing reliance on power with new technology and mobile devices we do find ourselves wanting more power at our dispoal. This is generally fine when we are at home 'on-the-main-grid', but if we are out and about on our boats we are limited to the amount of power in the battery 'tank'!

A useful way to have more power on board is quite simply to reduce our consumption. In fact, we could 'transfer' our consumption so that instead of running less efficient lighting on our boat we could utilise low power draw LED lighting. Thus, less power will be drawn by the LED light, allowing us to use this power elsewhere. Boat lighting has come on a long way over the years and Labcraft have developed some of the finest LED interior lights including the Labcraft LED Trilite which is an evolution of the original Labcraft Trilite which was extremely popular on late 20th century boats.

Labcraft was purchased by Safe Fleet on 9th March 2022, a USA based manufacturer of safety solutions for vehicles and people. Based in Belton, Missouri, Safe Fleet is a vast global company with over 1700 personel and 15 manufacuring locations. The roots of Safe Fleet stem from the creation of Elkhart Brass in 1902 by Albert E Hansen, and Bustin, founded by Leo Bustin in 1928. These two firms would later become ROM and SMI, the merger of which consolidates vehicle safety equipment into one key firm, Safe Fleet.

The acquisition provides a perfect partnership as Labcraft are utilising the very best in LED light technology and computer aided design to provide efficient and brighter lighting solutions to improve safety and efficiency.

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