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LeeSan - Toilet Sanitation Systems

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Lee Sanitation are a UK supplier of sanitation systems including boat toilets, tanks and fittings. With over thirty years fo experience in mobile waste management, LeeSan began with boat toilet waste transfer installations and have expanded into domestic, commercial and sewage pumping industrial equipment.

Nowadays a good loo on board your boat is an essential part of cruising. It provides comfort at your time of need and improves overal cleanliness and health. There are various designs of toilets to choose from when deciding which toilet to have on your boat. Broadly though, you could pick a portable toilet (much like camping toilets) or a built-in holding tank toilet (much like a toilet you would find at home).

A built-in holding tank toilet does require 'plumbing in' with various marine applicable fittings and fitment requirements, but it does allow for a seamless 'home-style' flushing toilet where the waster disappears to a tank to be removed at the next removal point. Portable toilets tend to require a little more 'all-hands-to-the-pump' style of involvement so may not suit all! Here at Sheridan Marine we are able to provide relevant parts for a full onboard toilet system if required and we stock the popular LeeSan toilet pump out adapters too.