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Lucas was established in 1872, the first year that the petrol engine was first patented, and some 14 years before the first Mercedes 'Horseless Carriage' was produced and a further 27 years before the Ford Model T was made.

Founded by Joesph Lucas in Birmingham, England, Lucas began selling oil lamps for ships (Tom Bowling lamps) and they produced the first 'King of the road' cycle lamp for use on the penny farthing. The booming bicycle market paved the way for Lucas and product lines, production, and sales increased. By the 1900's Lucas had positioned itself to gaining advantage in the up-and-coming automotive market where they began selling car accessories.

During the 1910's and 1920's lucas made some large acquisitions to become the largest supplier of electrical equipment to the British venicle manufacturers. The 1930's saw lucas obtain the CAV factory which allowed them to concentrate on the diesel engine side of the operation. Expansion continued and by the 1960's Lucas had 8 manufacturing groups in the UK, over 12 distribution companies around the world, and it employeed over 57,000 people, exporting to over 130 markets.

As trends shifted into a more global production process the Lucas brand evolved into a strategic network of Lucas businesses designed to continue the supply of technically excellent automtive and motorcycle products whilst expanding into new markets.