Marinco (AFi) - Horns, Windscreen Wipers & Electrics

Marinco was born through a combination of worldwide engineers to build an internationally recognised electrical components manufacturer producing excellent quality products for harsh environments.

Formerly known as AFi in the UK, they manufacture a variety of boating products that stand up to the punishing marine environment. Marinco produce windscreen wiper motors, windscreen wiper arms and blades in both stainless steel and polymer to a wide array of stainless steel marine horns, searchlights and electrical fittings, all are designed to withstand the rigors of life at sea.

Using the very best electrical components on your boat systems is the most efficent and cost effective way to ensure everything runs smoothly. A failed connection to an electronic part can be frustrating and in somecases dangerous.

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Marinco AFi 1.5 Waterproof Wiper Motor - 1 1/2" Shaft
from £195.00
Save: £49.18 (20%)
Marinco AFi-500 Waterproof Wiper Motor Kit
from £149.95
Save: £53.94 (26%)
Marinco AFi 1.5 Waterproof Wiper Motor - 1 1/2" Shaft
Save: £47.66 (16%)
Marinco AFi STD Wiper Motor Kit
Save: £37.54 (21%)
Marinco AFi MRV Heavy Duty Marine Wiper Motor
from £188.99
Save: £7.95 (4%)
Marinco 1000 Waterproof Marine Wiper Motor - 2 1/2" Shaft
from £184.95
Save: £51.89 (22%)
AFi Deluxe Adjustable Pantograph Wiper Arms
from £60.99
Save: £9.77 (14%)
AFi Compact Stainless Steel Horns
from £32.99
Save: £13.81 (30%)
AFi Single Black Plastic Horn
This product has been discontinued
AFi Compact Single Trumpet Horn
This product is no longer available