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Electric outboard motors, or trolling motors, have been around for a lot longer than you first might think. Electric car technology has become the talking point in the early part of the 21st century with most manufactures moving away from traditional power sources to cleaner and quieter electric power. However, Minn Kota electric motors in the marine world have been in design and production since 1934 where O.G. Schmidt invented the first gear-driven trolling motor in Fargo, North Dakota, USA.

The drive behind the boat electric trolling motors invention came from the requirements of anglers in the heart of the United States fishing country, on the Minnesota-North Dakota borders, who had requirements for better control of their boats whilst fishing. Alternatives at the time, which included the beloved [brand=8]British Seagull[/brand] outboard engines amongst others, ran on fuel with a traditional reciprocating engine, or internal combustion engine. These engines, as exceptional as they were at the time, where not particularly designed to run quietly, they were the work horses of the day.

So, to improve manoeuvrability on small fishing boats, and provide a stealth-like movement to where the fish were lying in the lakes of MINNesota and North DaKOTA, 'MINN KOTA' designed and manufactured a unique battery driven electric motor that allowed anglers to creep up on their catch.

Today, Minn Kota design and manufacture tough and innovative electric outboards, also known as trolling motors, based on their long history of innovation. With an ever increasing product range Minn Kota offer freshwater trolling motors, saltwater trolling motors, electric outboards, talon shallow water anchors, battery chargers & battery box and a breadth of Minn Kota spare parts and accessories to help you get on the water. Humminbird fish finders by Minn Kota provide digital mapping, imaging and connectivity for fish location and river bed depths for competition anglers or casual boaters for sonar and navigation.

Even technology such as GPS can be integrated into a smart Minn Kota setup. Programming this technology, linked to a Minn Kota outboard, allows you to launch your boat and have the technology control your boat through Minn Kota i-Pilot. This technology that can assist in GPS-anchoring that holds your boat in one place using state-of-the-art computer algorithms linked to your Minn Kota products to hold your boat in one place in the water. It can allow you to 'circle' a desired fishing spot and with i-Pilot you can even have your boat navigate automatically using information from live maps.

Electric outboard motors are progressing every year and we are excited to see what is next from Minn Kota! Should you need a bespoke Minn Kota setup feel free to contact us.