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Morris Lubricants are a proud, privately owned British manufacturer of oils, grease and lubricants with a reputation for delivering high quality products and services worldwide. Dating back to 1869 when a James Kent Morris began with a grocery business and candle factory in Shrewsbury, England. As technology moved on James Kent Morris moved into importing paraffin lamps which were superseding candles.

In 1894 James Kent Morris Junior and his brothers continued the business, moving into further markets including confectionary, a bakery, wines & spirits and a growing lubricant blending plant. By 1911 lubricant production was up so a new facility was required to cope with the demand. In 1915 their first major lubricant contract was signed with Sentinel Waggon Works. The company was incorporated in 1922 and became Morris & Company Ltd. In 1927 Leonard A. Paterson, grandson of J.K. Morris Senior, joined the company and took charge of the oil division.

During the mid to late 1900's business grew in all areas. In 2004 Morris & Company Ltd, now governed by a board of directors including family descendents, split into two companies, Morris Lubricants and Morris leisure.

Today, Morris Lubricants provide product to the automotive, motorcycle, marine, commercial, agriculture and power generation industries. In the marine industry the popular Morris K99 Water Resistant Grease and classic mineral oils are good stable oils for petrol or diesel engines services which can be relatively trick to find locally as modern cars usually now use semi or fully synthetic oils.