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NGK - Spark Plugs

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NGK - Spark Plugs

NGK, or Nihon Gaishi Kabushikigaisha, are manufacturers of combustion engine spark plugs and associated equipment. Established in 1936 in Japan as NGK Insulators they provided much of their production to the Japanese automakers, providing spark plugs for cars, motorbikes, outboard, and inboard engines, and garden machinery.

Now operating as various subsidiaries around the world including in the USA as NGK Spark Plugs (USA) Inc. since 1966, NGK Spark Plug (UK) Ltd. since 1975, and NGK Spark Plug Europe GmbH in 1989.

NGK Spark Plugs are today used on a wide variety of combustion engines from modern, ultra-efficient engines to classic cars, outboard engines, boat inboard engines, motorbikes, and lawn mowers to name a few.

NGK BP6ES Spark Plug
£2.27SRP £2.33
NGK B6HS Spark Plug
£2.25SRP £2.33
NGK DCPR6E Spark Plug
£4.98SRP £5.16
NGK DR6HS Spark Plug
£3.42SRP £3.55
NGK BP7HS Spark Plug
£2.34SRP £2.45
NGK BPR5ES Spark Plug Save 5%
£2.71SRP £2.84
NGK B7S Spark Plug
£2.97SRP £3.08
NGK B6S Spark Plug
£2.57SRP £2.69
NGK BUHX Spark Plug Save 5%
£5.26SRP £5.51
NGK BUHW Spark PlugClearance
This product has been discontinued