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Owatrol Marine - Boat Protection Solutions

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Founded in the Norwegian fjords and the Great Lakes of North America, Owatrol Marine manufacture a range of high quality and a cost-effective solutions to protect boats, both internally and externally. The combination of two enterprises, rust protection from America and wood & marine protection from Norway provided the cornerstone for Owatrol products.

Beginning in 1956 with Rustol, the first clear rust inhibitor, followed later by Textrol, the first penetrating wood oil, later, in 1986 Owatrol Deks Olje D1 becomes the number one saturing wood oil of choice for the navy and is still a highly regarded coating.

Owatrol Marine division now concentrates on boat varnish, high gloss enamel, protective coatings, primers, cleaners, oils, and metal protection. The long lasting capabilities of Owatrol products means you spend less time on the upkeep and more time enjoying your boat!

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