Pela - Oil Extractors

A Dutch manufacturer of a unique extraction products specialising in manually operated vacuum pumps for fluid removal. Pela extractors utilise a process to create a vacuum to withdraw fluids out of the application, such as oil out of an engine, in a hassel free manner.

The popular PELA 2000 is a great engine oil extractor or general fluid extracture for small engines including boat engines, lawnmowers, cars, motorcylces, and outboard engines for example. Providing a mess-free solution to fluid extraction, the PELA design confines the old fluid into a chamber without the need for removing oil plugs or tilt equipment and holds the fluid for disgarding later.

Engine oil changes is a regular maintenance task for annual engine service. The PELA oil extractor provides a great compact solution, which is particularly useful on boats where space is a premium, to safely removing oil.

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Pela 6L Oil Extractor
This product is not currently available