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Perkins is a leading manufacturer of diesel and gas engines ranging from 5-2800HP in commercial, automotive, agriculture, and power generation industries. Now part of Caterpillar making the enterprise the largest diesel engine manufacturer and a global company.

Perkins started in 1932 by Frank Perkins, a farmer, and Charles Chapman who concentrated on transferring diesel tractor engine technology to mass market road vehicles. This succesful notion opened up the market for Perkins engines to be use in a far reaching way. The agircultural division of Perkins is an important division of the company, however, many Perkins engines were selected by boat manufacturers over the years and marinised for the marine industry. Indeed, many classic boats, modern launches, powerboats, cruisers, and trawlers rely on Perkins engines. With a vast supply of spare parts availble from general service items such as oil filters, belts, and water pump service kits, even the earlier Perkins engines are still operational due to their sturdy design. Tractors are of course some of the hardest working machinery going so to utilise their engines in boats seems to make sense.

In the first year Perkins manufacturered just 35 engines and was able to ramp up production to a level of producing 1485 engines during 1941 for the armed forces during the war. By 1953, after years of local expansion, Perkins looked to get a global market place and licensed Simpson & Co. of India to become the first of hundreds of distributors all over the world. Global manufacturing facilities were required to cope with the ever increasing demand and there where now 180 world distributors with more than 3500 outlets.

Demand for diesel engines grew rapidly in the 1930's and the marine industry was keen to reap the benefits of this lower cost alternative. Boat manufacturers, including Freeman Cruisers (including the Perkins 4.107 & 4.108) and the Royal Navy began to offer Perkins engines in their packages.

Aftermarket engine spares provides customers with continual services and maintenance options, particularly useful for the hardworking engines which, in the marine industry, tend to last for decades.