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Plastic Padding (Teroson from 2018) - Fillers, Adhesives & Sealants

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Plastic Padding Logo

Plastic Padding was a Swedish manufacturer of high performance repair and maintenance products including marine fillers, marine sealants and marine adhesives. Plastic Padding produce products that are designed to last within the marine environment from glassfibre matting and gelcoats to marine fillers.

Now owned by Henkel, Plastic Padding is now know as Teroson from 2018. Many of the original products from Plastic Padding have transferred to the new rebranding including the popular Teroson Plastic Padding Gelcoat Filler and Teroson Plastic Padding Marine Filler.

Henkel themselves began in 1876 when Fritz Henkel and two partners founded Henkel & Cie in Aachen, Germany. Fritz, a merchant with an interest in science launched a universal detergent based on silicate. With this success, new products based on science rolled out of their factories and acquisitions of like minded and diverse products and markets helped grow Henkel into a huge international company.

The teroson brand itself is Henkel's brand for bonding, sealing, coating, and vehicle repair division. Teroson has over 120 years of history and is renowned for innovation, reliability, and competence. Sheridan Marine carry a wide range of fibre glass, epoxy and gelcoat repair kits to help with your boat repairs.

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