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Polyform Norway - Boat Fenders & Buoys

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Polyform Noway were established in 1955 and were the first company to produce inflatable fenders and buoys - specifically, there was a need for fishing net buoys. Situated in Alesund, on the north-western coast Norway, a perfect location for innovation in deep sea fishing trawlers, provides the perfect environment to develop high quality boat fenders.

Also known as 'The Original Polyform', Polyform AS (Norway) is not to be confussed with Polyform US. Polyform US dsign and manufacturer their fenders in America and feature a different selection of fender options. Many of the fender types are called the same (for example Polyform A-Series, Polyform F-Series, and so on), however, many of the sizes are slightly different and the inflation valves are also different between each manufacturer.

Polyform Norway fenders use the Polyform Norway Fender Valve Screw and the Polyform Norway Fender Pump Adapter for their inflation. Whereas, Polyform US fenders use the Polyform USA Fender Valve Screw and the Polyform USA Fender Pump Adapter for their inflation. Each style is not compatible with the other so it is good to know which Polyform fenders you have when looking for replacements. Sheridan Marine are able to supply both Polyform Norway and Polyform US boat fenders so please contact us.

Some of the best known Polyform fenders are the Polyform A-Series fenders, a 'tear drop' shape, or 'ball' fender that has a single fixing eye at the top of the fender. The Polyform F-Series is a cylindrical fender, or 'straight' fender with two fixing holes, one at the top and one at the bottom. The latest additions of the F-Series utilise the latest Polymatiq technology and go through rigerous testing for strength, flexibility and temperature checks between -30°C to +50°C. Each fender is designed to maximise energy absorption, abrasive resistance, and provide the highest breaking strength to protect your vessel.

There are lots of fender accessories to help attach your boat fenders including fender ropes, fender flutes and inflation pumps.

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