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Propex has been synonymous with quality air heating and water heating products since the 1980's. When the General Post Office (GPO), later becoming British Telecommunications, comissioned a heater designed for use in their engineers vans the Propex X1 was manufactured for this purpose and approximately 12000 heaters were manufactured. One of the requirements of the GPO was that the heater installed in their vans must have a maximum running time of one hour at any one time, with a minimum of one hour interval between the next 'on' heating phase - persuambly to ensure the engineers were getting on with their work and not 'keeping warm' in the van!?

With the success of the Propex X1, and a growing call from the motorhome market for a reliable and compact gas heater, the Propex Compact 1600 was launched. Based on the Propex X1 model, only squeezed into a smaller housing with the 'one hour heat timmer' replaced with an external controller unit so customers had full control of the heating settings. The Propex Compact 1600 saw great success until 1993 when the new CE legislation was bought in.

To comply with the new regulations Propex launched the new Heatsource range of heaters, including the HS1600 and the more powerful Propex HS2800 gas heaters. Propex air heaters run on clean burning Propane gas or Butane gas so are entirely independent from the engine fuel supply, they produce less pollutants and are cheaper to run than diesel heaters. The Heatsource range provided greater monitoring, lower electrical current consumption and more gas efficiency whilst meeting European requirements of EN624, the Gas Safety Directive. Through the years the HS1600 developed into the HS1800 and is now the popular Propex HS2000 heater. Developments in motor control, airflow sensing, and reliability helped reduce current consumption further.

In 2008 Propex partenered with Munster Simms Engineering, moving its production to Bangor, Northern Ireland. Now with access to experienced and vast research and development facilities Propex where able to extend the range of options and varients, including the higly acclaimed Propex HS2000E Gas & Electric Heater, their first combined power option.

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